21 Day Challenge

Employee Health and Fitness 21-day Challenge

Sunday, September 29 to Saturday, October 19, 2019

The purpose of this challenge is to increase health and fitness indicators within three weeks – 21 days.

It is an individual challenge – to eat right, lose weight, exercise, spend time with family, and keep better track of finances.

Meeting one or more of these challenges will result in prizes and special recognition at the

Clio Can-Do Color Walk/Run at the Clio Country Club on Saturday, October 19.

What do I have to do? Sign up for one or more of the five categories of challenge:

  • Healthy eating: Eliminate most fats and sugars in your diet. Give up fast food, soda pop, and candy. Eat smaller portions. Eat less red meat.
  • Weight loss: Determine your weight on Sunday, September 29 and lose ten pounds by Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • Exercise: Walk, stretch, run, or bike three times a week or more for a total of at least nine times during the challenge.
  • Family: Spend quality time by interacting with family and decreasing or eliminating TV or time on the computer, I-pad or phone.
  • Finances: Examine and keep track of finances weekly. Open a checking account, Open a savings account.

How do I keep track? It is an honor system. Keep track of daily and weekly progress on meeting your challenge (s) during the three weeks. 

What do I get at the end? A variety of prizes and recognitions including a free entry ($25 value) into the 5k Walk/Race at the Clio Country Club.

  • Recognition and prizes from our company.
  • Recognition at the awards ceremony at the end of the Walk/Race.
  • Free gifts and healthy food after the race.
  • Access to various health and fitness leaders in the area.